Rose Huang raised in China before coming to live in the UK. She obtained BA (Hons) in Education and trained in MSc Engineering Management from China. Having worked in different fields she has extensive experience in international trade, investment, marketing, business development and business management.

Her career began as a teacher at China Chongqing Professional Commercial School. After that, she worked in China Chongqing Science Technology Commission. Her responsibility areas covered international science and technology exchange Worldwide and attracting foreign investment to Chongqing China. With her entrepreneurial family background and love of challenges, she became Vice General Manager of an Automobile & Motorcycle Components and Electric Appliance Group based in Shanghai and Zhejiang province; this included the role of Managing Director of the Chongqing Branch. She has over twenty years experience of the International Trade, Investment, Marketing,Business Development and Business Management. Rose is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management UK.  She also holds a Certificate from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and BA(Hons) in International Corporate Communication in UK. She has obtained MBA from the University of Sheffield.

She offers a comprehensive service Bilingual skills and appreciation of both business cultures are the key ingredients to "Doing Business in China and UK".