China Business Service

Chinese Buiness Advice
 and Service

Customised business advice to meet your specific requirements and that of your organisation

Work alongside you and your company to solve the various trade issues.

Communicate with Chinese clients or suppliers in real time or from you workplace

Act as an ambassador on behalf of your organisation to negotiate or supervise projects in China.

Examination of Chinese contracts and implications for your company.

Accompany executives on business trips to China and arrange suitable meetings and venues.

Provide Chinese business interpreting and translation including business meeting, business card, email, brochure and website.

Provide training packages in Chinese Business Culture,  Language and Etiquette tailored to your specific needs in your industry sector.

Help your company to establish on Chinese online platform or Chinese social media channels.

Meeting your statutory business needs

Guide you to choose the best and suitable Zones to start up your business in China.

Find you a suitable partner if you are seeking a Collaborative Venture.

Establish an Equity Joint Venture(EJV) or Co-operative Joint Venture(CJV) Company.

Establish Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE)                                                  

Set up a Representative and Branch Office.

Find you reliable Manufacturing industries and goods suppliers.

Build relationships with Government Departments and Public Authorities(Guanxi).

Solve your problems or troubles as your behalf when you do business in China.

Both short and long-term support from the initial stages of setting up your project continuing through to conclusion.